I invite you explore some of my personal practices with me!

Listed below are five offerings that I have worked with and have studied for years, and that I personally find to be super supportive. They help me to stay loose, tuned in, and ready to rock! With such immense respect for my teachers, the land, and the lineage before me, I am so honored to share them with you too!

Simply put, they are cacao, sound baths, tai chi, herbalism, and cleanses. They each have their own extended branches and deep roots as well, so there’s a lot to dive into!

Enjoy them or leave them as you will, and feel free to reach out with any questions! Events on the calendar will be labeled with the prefix “Wellness” to make the offerings clearer. 

May they be a blessing on your journey!


Ceremonial grade cacao is an energetic and nutritional superfood. It's essentially chocolate, just how it was originally enjoyed before all the processing. It still has all the potent nutrients intact and only as much sugar as you personally add to it.

With all that original goodness available to you, cacao can inspire a heart opening and uplifting feeling, along with gentle energy and flow state focus.

Truly magical!

Sound Baths & Meditations

On a basic level, to me, meditation is that moment when I remember to breathe with intention. Everything might still be bustling about, thoughts may even come up in my own mind, but that's all okay! When I can witness them, thank them, and then tune back into my breath for that moment, it feels like coming home.

Everything is vibrating at a frequency, you, me, the pencil on the desk, the desk itself. Nothing is absolutely still. Denser items might be moving so slowly that they appear solid, but they are all still vibrating on a molecular level. Music and sound work on this level, where certain frequencies can inspire different attributes, from healing and restoration, to agitation and dissonance, and everything in between. A sound bath is essentially a concert of vibrations that wash over you and resonate with the vibrations in your body, to retune your energy with healing frequencies.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong