Spruce Top Tiger

Taking to the stage with his banjo, acoustic guitar, and DIY drums, Greg Ferreira, aka Spruce Top Tiger, is a multi-instrumentalist bluegrass and folk artist with a true passion for music. Naming the project after what he affectionately calls his guitar sometimes, the focus is always on making great art. He mixes a vibrant and diverse palette of inspirations into his lively sound, so whether you’re looking to dance or just relax and enjoy, it’s feel good music you can groove to.

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Sessions & Support

From collaborating or covering at a show, to recording sessions and beyond, Greg Ferreira offers a lot of versatility and loves to show support any way he can. Along with his acoustic set up, he is also well versed in piano, keyboards, electric and upright bass, drums, percussion, and folk instruments like ukulele, 4 and 5 string banjos, mandolin, and dobro, among others. He also loves to sing and can offer harmonized back-up vocals. If there's anything in particular that you have in mind, or are in need of, feel free to reach out!